Docker run command options

I used to run my node on a raspberry pi. in the docker run command it has these lines.

–log-opt max-size=50m
–log-opt max-file=10 \

Nowadays I run Storj node on a Synology DS920+ with 12GB RAM. Should I remove those lines or should I keep it?

The first option will limit the RAM usage to 800 MiB, this is useful on devices with low RAM, like raspberry Pi3 with only 1GB of RAM.
Two remained are used to regulate logs, they are unrelated to RAM, but allow to keep only small amount of logs, they are useful when your OS is on SD card.

The long story short - on Synology NAS they are useless.

I’m trying to optimize my system. Right now I am using 99% of volume utilization. Is it because I am running SHR1 with 4 x Seagate X16 Exos 16TB. Is it worth for me to buy 2 1TB servergrade m2 SSDs to use as a cache?