Docker Storj Node RAM


which is the best amount or RAM for a linux machine running a Storj node on docker ?


Just would put it here

CONTAINER ID   NAME           CPU %     MEM USAGE / LIMIT     MEM %     NET I/O           BLOCK I/O   PIDS
f41a7362682e   storagenode2   8.95%     155.5MiB / 24.81GiB   0.61%     28GB / 13GB       0B / 0B     110
a73bbdf8a1ed   storagenode5   0.04%     101.8MiB / 24.81GiB   0.40%     23.9GB / 11.9GB   0B / 0B     38
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thanks Alexey ,
can you please share docker command for this output ?


docker stats

However, if your disks are slow (SMR, network attached drives), or you use BTRFS/ZFS without SSD and a lot of RAM, it could use several GB of RAM for the each node.

Aim for 1 GB per 1 TB of data you store.

somewhere her in the forum,@Toyoo and based on my nodes:

linux: 1GB per 1 TB storage (so it depends a bit on hardware)
windows: 2GB per TB storage (just for defrag and filewalks, otherwise its a bit slow.)

a max. of 16gb would be sufficient for most consumer cases, runs on much lower tough.

since node data is shrinking, not the best time to set up a node. @brizio
unless you are in south america.

:smile: lollllll

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