Docker tag hell

Hi guys,
I want you just look at Synology Docker tag dropdown. As you can see tags are sorted by name and hash prefix turns this list into hell. I think it was not good idea to add this prefix to tag names.

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Latest is the correct option.

Best way on synology is connect via SSH and run docker command from storj manual.

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Please, don’t use container station GUI to run storagenode!
It uses dangerous -v option to bind disks to the containers instead of safe --mount type=bind. It could destroy your node!
Use a CLI setup instead:


Using docker with separate external mounts for auth and data directory. Is it dangerous too?

It’s not dangerous if you have a backup of the signed identity. However it is recommended to keep the identity files on the same drive as the data store, since neither is useful without the other. This practice also makes it more difficult to accidentally start the node without the identity, or with the wrong identity in the case of multi-node systems.