Docker UDP shall I restart all mynodes with new docker commands?

I saw the docker command was changed.
Now UDP packets are there. Is this mandatory?
I have 10 noeds shall I update all the nodes?

I’ve done it on all 6 of mine.

Ok will do. Maybe this explain new error messages.

I did not realize it that UDP is no neccesary.

If you mean the warnings, then yes, that’s because of the UDP thing.

What are the earnings ?

A typo… My bad. I meant warnings.

Yes i had warnings due to udp.

Jen, are you responding to the instructions on this page? I do indeed see new info about UDP that wasn’t there when I set my node up a month or so ago.

I also see some apparently new info about UDP, and increasing the buffer size, here: Linux Configuration for UDP - Node Operator

In addition, when I set up port forwarding on my router, I only added a TCP rule. Should I now go back and change that to both TCP and UDP?

I suppose it’s important to implement all these instructions at once? I can give it a try, but I’ll watch this thread for a couple days first in case I’ve missed anything important.

Eventually transfers will try udp first and fall back to tcp if it’s not available. I don’t think it’s high priority to change it yet or there would have been more of an announcement. But it definitely can’t hurt to be ready. I changed it all a while back. Besides, having constant warnings in the log is just annoying anyway.

My online time goes down dramatically since this UDP stuff.

I run my 6 nodes without any downtime. And one node over 2 years without issues.

I don’t think UDP is related. You don’t need it for online checks. If that were the case there would be massive amounts of nodes with bad online scores. The forum would be flooded with it.

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