Docs: S3 multipart upload example cost

Reading this page:

where it says “Assuming a 1TB data set comprised of 1,000 1GB files is stored for an entire month, the difference between using 64MB Part Size vs. 5MB Part Size is described below:” I think the chart is not right.

On the 64MB line, the Files column should be 1000, which would make the following column 16,000 not 160,000. Not sure why that column is labeled “Parts /S”; it seems like it should just be called Segments? Since 16,000 is under the 50,000 free segment limit, the actual costs for this scenario would be zero.

The 5MB line looks right (I only checked the first 3 columns).

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Thank you!
Added an issue

Another option to emphasize the difference would be to use a 3TB file in the example, because with 64MB segments that upload would still be free (48K segments) whereas for 5MB parts it would cost over $15.