Does allocated storage space impact fill-up time?

Hello to all,
I was wondering if the amount of storage space offered by a node has an impact on the bandwidth (and earnings) assigned to it? Or, to make an example:
Is it better regarding the bandwidth/earnings/etc. to make a node bigger from the beginning instead of letting it fill up and add more drives at a later stage?
When I set up my node, I didn’t use a large hard drive (4TB) because it takes a lot of time (weeks, months) to fill up and I can always put a second drive in the rig and increase the storage space at a later stage. But now I am wondering if I am getting penalised somehow and if it would be better to make the node bigger (e.g. 24TB) from the beginning? Would it fill up quicker? Thanks in advance for you help!

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Hi @23.6346.12,
As long as there is at least 500MB (or more) free space, you are running the latest version of the storagenode software and the node is showing ‘Online’ and not suspended in the dashboard then your node is accepting traffic in the same way as other nodes.

The allocated space doesn’t affect the priority of your node over any other node. To be clear it is still in a race to save the ingress faster than other nodes, but there is no priority system implemented.


Thanks! To be sure I understood you correctly, being in a race to save the ingress faster… that is primarily influenced by the bandwidth of your connection, right?

Bandwidth, node speed, disk/ssd speed, connection latency, etc. every part of the chain from the uplink/gateway to the piece being saved on your node.


Great, now I got the entire picture. Thanks!