Does bandwidth limit reached still lead to disqualification


my storage node has reached over 2 TiB egress and I set the limit at just over 2.1TiB which has triggered a warning in the console dashboard, saying I should set a higher bandwidth limit.

I set this limit originally because I don’t want my ISP to flag me as a power user and somehow throttle my traffic or exclude me from the network because of excess usage.

My question: Does imposing a limit to bandwidth still lead to disqualification?


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Theoretically there shouldn’t be any disqualification since 2TB was asked as the minimum bandwidth needed to setup a node. I haven’t come across any official answers for this question.

I don’t think it ever did. There was some misunderstanding in relation to graceful exit, if you run out of bandwidth with your ISP and the process is interrupted you will get disqualified.

But as far as I know from storj’s point of view all transfers except for audits stop and you won’t be disqualified. As long as you respond correctly to those audits.

Thanks guys for the feedback. I know about the 2TB requirements, but I have read on another thread on this forum that limiting the bandwidth can still lead to disqualification:

To quote “nerdatwork”:

As of now if bandwidth limit is reached the node will be disqualified.

Can I get an official response, if I safely can ignore the warning that the BANDWIDTH limit is reached?


Guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer for an official response, haven’t seen anyone from STORJ today.

If you read the TOS it stated that minimal bandwidth per month is 0.5TB so if you limit it below 2TB you wont get DQed

  1. A maximum of one (1) hard drive dedicated to each Storage Node
  2. A minimum of 250 GB of available Space per Storage Node
  3. 0.5 TB of Bandwidth available per month
  4. 5 Mbps bandwidth upstream
  5. 25 Mbps bandwidth downstream
  6. Online and operational 99.3% of the time per month independent from any downtime caused by the Company

it is 500GB min space to be exact.

Official Storj documens such Storage Sharing Terms and Conditions set less strict requirements for nodes:

Although it can (and possible will) be updated later right now conditions stated by @deathlessdd should apply.

And condition on you your screenshot is restriction for registering new nodes entering network.

@Sh0dan, no you will not be disqualified.

I’m told we have a blog post that should be coming out in a week or so talking about this very subject, though, so stay tuned for that


Thanks Cameron for that statement.

To be even more exact, please note, that you can’t use 500Gb hard drive, as it is only ±465Gb of space. So 750Gb or 1Tb drive is needed.

So Davil hides always in detalis.

Let me add some additional details. As of now you are not getting DQed but this is a bug and not a feature. We only have 2 options. We have to DQ or remove the limit. The current situation with limits but without DQ will make files unavailable because the storage node will not allow any download or repair requests.

At the end it doesn’t matter which option we are going to implement. In both cases it is better to make sure you never hit the limit. The best way to do that is limiting the allocated space. It would be your responsibilty to keep care of the limit.
As far as I know the plan is to remove the limit from the storage node. You would still get DQed if your ISP starts to slow down your internet connection.

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Just a suggestion, but you could make hitting the limit stop uploads but not downloads. SNOs could keep a healthy margin in the limit to prevent going over it. It’s not a perfect solution but will at least give SNOs some control over it.