Does DNS sharing rely on API key duration?

Hi! I have a question related to sharing an entire bucket with a custom domain. Is the first time I do this.

Actually I have a bucket that I share with a custom domain through Cloudflare CDN. I read the “custom domains” documentation that explains very well how to do it, but I noticed about something related to access.

If I create an API key (to use in uplink to share) with an end date (e.g. 24 hours), when I try to access some file after that time I get an error that says me “Acces denied” (even if I set the --not-after=none option when sharing), but if I create an API key with no end date it works without problem.

That confuses me because I don’t see nothing about that at documentation. Is that true or is just some issue of mine? I just want to confirm it.


That is correct. The API key is the “key” that enables you to share a bucket in the first place. If that key expires the corresponding share is not valid anymore and expires as well.