Does increasing free space decrease the time to verify parts after booting into the node?

Increase the free space of the hard drive from 10% to 15 or 20%. Does it reduce the time to verify the parts after starting in node? Does disk defragmentation decrease?

Two nodes that filled up in a few days last month, Windows tells me that they are defragmented at 32 and 40%, and that they need maintenance.

The parts check at the beginning is five days on the fastest node, eight days on the slowest node. Is this normal operation?

it’s true fragmentation tends to get worse as a drive fills up.

however, expanding space won’t help the fragmentation that’s already happened.

How large is the node? I have a 8TB ext4 drive that is currently running 4 days on the lazy filewalker, and not finished.

I have three nodes on three 8Tb hard drives.
I have setting the node space to 7.2Tb.
The hard drives are in NTFS, in Windows.

I am defragmenting two hard drives, I think it will take more than a week to defragment. I am waiting for the node parts verification to finish before defragmenting the other hard drive.

Can node updates be disabled temporarily? so that the node does not update and reboot while the hard drive is being defragmented.