Does mining Monero effect your storage node?

If you mine monero on the same PC that you have your storj node on will there be any effect on your storj node’s performance?

By performance I mean will it impact the amount of ingress or egress data you get in a given day or month?

suppose it may depend on if there’s enough cpu overhead to run the OS, along with the mining and the storagenode processing needs…what I’d probably do is look at CPU usage while only the storagenode is running, let’s say maybe 10%? then let’s say you have a 6-core (12-thread) CPU, I’d probably limit the number of threads dedicated to the mining to 10 threads so that there’s enough for the other processes.

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I guess if you have a way to set monero mining processes to low priority, then Storj would run just fine? As your mining could eat up all your CPU except when Storj nodes need some, in which case they’d take precedence. Right?

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One should see the result when looking at the successrate of ingress and egress.

It would probably help to put priority on storage node to keep latency to a minimum. And latency doesn’t matter for mining anyway.

if you make it so storj takes priority then it should be a problem…
that could be done by running each in their own container or vm

storj uses almost no cpu time… so really you don’t want it to wait… and really i doubt it’s even a problem the solution i suggest just rules it out completely.
and really cpu’s process at time scales we can barely understand… the transfer time on the internet is like 200ms maybe even more… from customer to you, processing it, finding the data from disk and sending it back…
in that time cpu is like nano or maybe even pico seconds… so even if it took 100x the usual time in the cpu it will most likely not even add 1ms to the whole procedure…

your system would stall and become basically unusable before i would believe it to become a problem… ofc one should always do practical tests

or just implement the first solution so that storj gets what it needs and all the excess can go to monero