Does SNO get paid when their node is supsended?

I wonder whether SNOs get paid for the partial month during which their node was suspended?

Let’s say the node was disqualified on 14th of the month. Does SNO get paid for the 1st half of the month?


Hi @rluks
Suspension and disqualification are different.

If the node was suspended on the 14th of the month and recovered out of suspension a week later then the node would generate earnings during the whole time.

If the node was disqualified on the 14th of the month then earnings will have accumulated until the 14th and then no more for that satellite after the node was disqualified.

In either scenario the earnings would need to be above any payout threshold.

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I didn’t realize there is such a difference.

In that case, I’d like to know whether SNO gets paid (assuming earnings are above payout threshold) when the node goes offline on the 14th and never comes back online… ie. no recovery from suspension.

If the node never comes back online, it will eventually be disqualified for being offline. Last I heard you are allowed 244 hours of offline time in a 30 day rolling window. So in that case your node would be paid for service up until it goes offline (on the 14th in your example) and would eventually be paid should the accumulated earnings meet the payout threshold for the selected payout method, as Stob wrote above.

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