Does SSD Cache on QNAP make sense for Storj?


does somebody using QNAP for Storj? If yes does SSD Cache imporove for Storj READ/Write performance?

It does help om Synology.
Thats all i can contribute with.
If you do a forum search you will find it.

Havnt seen anything on qnap and ssd cache in the forum.

I use QNAP iSCSI with SSD Cache. It does improve performance. IF your data is in the cache. If you use Tiered cache it might use too much processing power, but you will likely have the most in-demand data on the cache. If you use the standard last accessed cache, you’ll have less of a processing impact. I use the standard cache with both read and write in RAID1, and hope that the writes will more commonly be read, rather than the data already archived and less accessed.