Does STORAGE env var support fractional values

From what I’ve seen in docs and examples, only whole numbers are used in the STORAGE variable for the docker run command. Is the numeric portion required to be a whole number? For example, an SNO wants to allow Storj to use more space - from 5TB to 5.5TB, which of the following is most appropriate?

  1. -e STORAGE="5.5TB"
  2. -e STORAGE="5500GB"

Both will work without any issue.

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Will there be a possibilito to set amount more prescise? like: -e STORAGE="5525GB" ? Because right now, as i undersand the step is only 50 or 100Gb ?

It should work as long as you actually have that much physical space. Remember to keep 10% as overhead and use only 90% available space.

No, there is rounding going on. I can’t make a change of less than 100GB. If I do, nothing changes.

Can you elaborate more?

If I set the capacity to 1000GB, storagenode shows 1000GB capacity.

If I set to 1050GB, it shows 1000GB capacity.

If I set to 1075GB, it shows 1000GB capacity.

If i set to 1100GB, it shows 1100GB capacity.

Based on my (limited) testing, the value set for STORAGE is taken modulo 100GB. I’ve seen this phenomenon on all of my nodes.

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How are you checking how much it shows ?

Looking at the value of diskSpace.available as retrieved from /api/sno/ on the storagenode API.

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Same story here, but different tests.
On small nodes, i was trying to leave 10% of free space.
It does not matter will i set 900Gb or 880Gb or 870Gb, they all have only ~30Gb of free space, means using 900Gb, no matter what i set up.

On bigger nodes this is not so important, but lets say on 1Tb node you can have 3% of empty space or ~14% of empty space, but no way to have 10% or a bit less.


Thanks for your post! We have forwarded this remark to the SNO dev team.