Does STORJ need any help in showing it to prospect business?

just curious.
Did STORJ salesmen contacted for example ?

@Knowledge You wrote in one topic:

Very frequently I see suggestions about Storj doing something with marketing. We actually have a very competent sales and marketing team. You’ll find some details on our Twitter announcements page, Youtube, and our blog postings. We also attend trade shows, are in interviews, and there are articles written (Such as the recent Tech Crunch article). We are in many of the places business expects to find us in.

But many business contacts and deals are not discussed publicly. If we have a partnership like we recently announced with ixsystems (TrueNas) you’ll hear about it. But in terms of a company signing on with Storj and using the product for their data needs, you will not unless that customer wants to make it known.

I get that. But does STORJ contact directly a business and shows its features? like: “Hi, listen we can offer You cheaper and more reliable storage, in fact its suuuper reliabe, its faster. its almost fully decentralised and armagadon resistent, Your files are SAFU for ever, and we’re super HighEndTech, come, we will help You with all the transition and stuff, deal?”

My reasoning is this: a company works hard on its stuff, to exist and profit. Often its workers are focused on daily tasks, don’t have time/resources to go and search whats latest achivments in technology. (even if so, they don’t have time to experiment whats working. They use whats known to work.)

“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.” - Voltaire

You said:

“We are in many of the places business expects to find us in.”

But what if business don’t seek for You?
Because they even don’t know, there can be something better than well know, established, normal hosting solutions.

A company deploys on some kind of Amazon and thinks:
“they are the biggest, so if anyone can be the cheapest, its them, because of business of scale”

“the biggest in industry, the biggest capabilities”

They don’t even seek for better solutions.
Don’t belive there may be, bcoz who can more, than the biggest hosting in the world? “No way.”

What’s easier,

  1. for business to filter all the noise in the world and find whats the best solution?
    (especialy when theres yet no opinions about “hows STORJ services been over the years?”)
  2. for solution STORJ to knock to business doors and introduce itself? (and what it can do for it)

Just an idea.
You can see them. They mostly don’t see You.
i had some friends in marketing, it almost never worked for them to buy adds in industry magazines, no one simply cares or reads that.
Real business are busy fighting for life, especialy in times like todays.

So yeah. Just want to know, did STORJ contacted imgur, and other cool content hosting websites directly.

All the best.


Hi @Ruskiem

Thank you for suggesting imgur and other content hosting sites.
Yes you are right, it’s a very competitive environment.

Our Marketing team has a comprehensive strategy that may not always be visible in public channels. We always appreciate specific suggestions of companies that might be a good fit and your ideas have been brought to the team internally.