Does storj really uses 75% of my internet bandwidth?

Dear Storjians,
I am planning to setup my node on a core2duo pc running debian. Since debian have less system requirements than ubuntu. If things go as planned I will be setting up my node this week. But I want to know if I will have 25% of grace internet bandwidth even if I don’t limit my internet bandwidth because I will need an internet connection for other purposes too. And I want an advice on the bandwidth subscription. I have two alternatives 60 Mbps or 100 mbps of internet on starting the node for the first time. I came up with the idea of using only 60 mbps without any FUPs (fair usage policy ) for my storagenode for a single node since it won’t affect my reputation( or will it?, I don’t know). If there won’t be any reputation difference while using between 60mbps or 100 mbps. I will be subscribing for 60 mbps of internet bandwidth.

I already have an internet connection in my home where FUP is applied and also don’t have the access to the router configuration. That is why, I will have to subscribe to another ISP internet office plan for the node on my home. I wanna know if it is better to subscribe for 60 Mbps or 100 Mbps for the node running at home.

Cost efficiency won’t have to compromise the quality of storj reputation. That would be my main priority.

I am also thinking of setting up the node on another laptop in my new office too. The laptop will have an i5 core processor and will be using windows 10 OS. Question here is that will a 60 Mbps internet connection suffice for storj new node for few months while having only two laptops (one with the node and other with just work stuffs) or should I use 100 Mbps for my internet connection?

Having more storagenodes on the same IP will be sharing all bandwidth. Also keep in mind that if you have lower bandwidth overall if you use this internet connection for anything else its going to be super slow. But 60mbps is plenty of bandwidth for storagenodes. Since they will be sharing all the ingress anyways. What is the upload speeds cause that what really matters because rememeber uploading slows down downloading for cable internets…

@deathlessssd: I am saying that I will have two nodes in two different places. One at my home and the other at my office. I am planning to setup my node at home in a week and at office after a month. The internet at home won’t have not much internet sharing ratio but the internet at my office will. That is why I was asking for suggestions on the grace bandwidth that the storj even if I am running a node on one laptop.

60 Mbps upload and 60 Mbps download through fiber connection.

this says 100mbit, which it basically never hits in either direction… now even when looking at like seconds long time frames.

the minimum requirements are a bit more realistic in relation to usage… tho they are sort of reversed, older /larger storagenodes will have a lot more egress than ingress.

but if your nodes are like 2 years or so, egress is most likely about equal to ingress.
so lets just look at that we are getting like 200-250 KB/s which is equal to like a few Mbit
10Mbit/s being 1.2MB/s

ofc activity spikes at times… i actually think the minimum requirements are pretty good, even tho the 5Mbit one is kinda to low during heavy loads on the network.

if you assign 25Mbit pr storagenode, and most of the time it won’t use more than like 10Mbit if even that… more like less than 5Mbit/s

however you don’t really want to load your internet beyond the 50% mark because then you will most likely start to see it affecting your latency…

but you can most likely get away with assigning 10Mbit/s for a node, without it being bottlenecked by it…

however storj assumes the minimum is 25Mbit for download, so you could eventually run into issues because they won’t test for you “custom” configuration.

so i will say expect less than 10 more like 2-5Mbit for a node pr direction after a year or two… but assign 25 in either direction… just because if there is some sort of network spike or whatever, you don’t want issues, just because you are that one off setup that runs a weird configuration…

but that is ofc your risk to take, if you should so please…

My node, which is old and has 21TB of data, uses about 2mbps of download and 7mbps upload. In the past year, the highest traffic was somewhat under 5mbps download and 12mbps upload.

For a brand new node, download will be about the same (2mbps) after the vetting period and upload will be lower and go up as the node accumulates data.

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