Does the Trash Issue still exist? Is my node affected?


I’m looking at my MND at a daily basis and saw my 6TB (5.4TB) nodes are full since around 2 weeks. Also the trash takes almost 1/3 of my node. I looked at my Node directory via filezilla and saw that therea re multiple folders in the trash folder, some of them are from april this year, but they seem to be empty folders. But then I found a folder which is dated: 14.06.2024, which is still full. Doing the math shows, that it ist around 10 days old now. The problem here is, the unpiad trash taking 1/3 of my drive is hindering me to get new paid data, and shrinking income. Some unpaid trash is ok, but 30% and more is getting criminal.

I believe there was never a problem for 6TB nodes. Trash could be undeleted because your system is too slow and the walkers don’t finish their job.

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This folder should have been deleted 1 or 2 days ago. Maybe the filewalker is still processing it. On my nodes the 2024-06-14 folder was quite big and on some nodes it’s still deleting. The filewalker starts deleting with aa until zz and then 22 until 77. You could look inside these folders to see how far it went already.

You could also grep the log for “trash” to see whether it’s still deleting. Or check with lsof /path/to/mountpoint to see what folder gets deleted at the moment. On my node it’s the xr folder right now.

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Any windows alternative? :pray:

Check if there are nested date folders. This could prevent them from being auto-deleted:

Did it finally remove these subfolders?

Unfortunately not. I think I’ll have to remove them by myself.

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