Does this have anything to do with my traffic taking a node dive?

It looks like the internet went down in a lot of places today and affected a lot of networks does that explain why my numbers look like this-----V

and all my audits are at 100% and my uptime is at an average of about 98% but it didn’t go down until today, I’m new btw. Also can anyone explain how I can have 100% uptime for one satellite but 97% for another, I would think that if the node is up its up and that any difference between satellites isn’t on my end.

Just to be clear my internet did not go down.

nope ingress is just a bit periodical… will usually pickup after the beginning of the month … not sure why… maybe they want to see how the natural traffic is on the network… and that can be difficult with tons of test data.

so yeah no worries it’s all normal

my “high” egress is due to my stored capacity… still a wee baby tho only 4½ months old

It should not affect most of us (unless you are directly connected to them) since traffic should route around outages even of the big guys. If the satellites were directly connected to L3 with not multihoming we would all see the traffic cease. Most hosting companies multihome Internet services to prevent this sort of problem. Of course it could cause congestion and slowing depending upon peering points. The graphs we use switch dates about an hour ago (GMT) so your traffic for Thursday will be very low at the start of a new day,

Currently (I don’t think this has been changed yet) the uptime metric shows lifetime uptime, not recent uptime. New nodes start with a low uptime percentage, although I can’t remember if it starts at zero. Uptime is increased with each successful audit from the satellite. So it is likely that the node you are seeing 97% uptime has had fewer audits than the node showing 100% uptime.