Does upgrading my internet bandwidth also increase my reputation?

Initially, I was planning to wait for my one month of internet subscription to end because it has a bandwidth of 25 Mbps. My assumption was that if I start the node with an internet connection of 50 Mbps, my reputation for the node will start with a good reputation rather than starting with 25 Mbps bandwidth.
Please clarify this dilemma for me.

It doesn’t really matter for your reputation.
In fact for the first month or so you are likely to experience very low traffic on your node as your node gets vetted. During that period the traffic is limited for a node as it gets audited if it is reliable.
So it would be just perfect timing to start now with your lower bandwidth line and when you upgrade your line you are already done with vetting and prepared to receive more traffic.

I am also planning to gradually increase my space for space for storj at night when only a few uses the internet. Firstly I have to download the data on a minimum hard disk requirement and gradually increase the disk space allocated by 50 gb per night until it reaches 1.6 TB on a Debian OS. Can I edit the config.yaml file just like in the windows in the Debian OS too?

You can change the size of the space you want to allocate to your node any time. It requires a restart of the node though. I don’t see a sense in doing that on a daily basis.

If I start being an SNO using 25 Mbps using an internet connection of my motel, so what is your recommendation on the bandwidth among 25, 35 and 50 Mbps for the next month internet plan? I was orininally planning to subscribe a new connection when the node hits the normal upload speed. But my friend was suggesting me to subscribe for the new connection from the beginning of being an SNO. Because there won’t constant user while using the same network of the motel.

I had a fully vetted node on a 50/10 line and this got saturated easily. Meaning that when a lot of node activity happened, internet browsing significantly went slower.

On a 100/40 line everything is fine.

I didn’t get what you are trying to say. Will you be please be more specific?

I was trying to share my experience of running a node on different lines.
I had a node on a line with 50mbps down/10mbps up and when there was a lot of node activity, internet surfing on the same line was significantly slower than usual.
On the contrary with a 100/40 line this is not an issue anymore. I can’t really recommend, but from my experience I would certainly choose 50 at least, however at the same time more than 100 is also not really required for the node.

Please take into account the upload bandwidth as well that you did not mention, because when a user uploads data to the network it is a download for the node (ingress), while vice versa when a user downloads data from the network, it is an upload for the node (egress).

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