Doing little experiments with audio codecs in linkshare web player


Experimenting with audio codecs in linkshare web player it appears that video and audio files muxed with the mp4 container is the way to go but audio codecs can also be an issue too.
For example I am having trouble playing audio with the AC3 codec on linux machines and MP3 on iPhones. Not sure if it is a web player issue.

Here are some links for testing by the community:

AAC audio

AC3 audio

MP3 audio

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I tested on iMac on Safari. the mp4 doesn’t have sound? (its mp4 btw). The AC3 seemed to take a fraction longer to load but could have been a number of factors.

Hi, you mean MP3 right? I have no sound on the iPhone too

No, the file is called mp3 but it has an mp4 extension. I think mp3 is just for audio so has to be a mp4 if it’s video? That’s my understanding anyway…

Yes, it is a H264 video file, with MP3 audio wraped together as a MP4 format

@alvergant cool experiment! I’m collecting a list to highlight projects the members are creating. TI love to see the innovation and creativity