Don't let the node go through the vpn

I have a VPN in the same place as Node.
I don’t want the node to use the vpn.
What do I have to exclude in the VPN for the node to work ok.
It already excludes storjnode.exe but the node works with QUIC Misconfigured.

Hello @Luis ,
The team said this is a third party software vendor issue so you would be best to contact your vpn provider.

What VPN are you using? You may need to check with their support on the best way to go about it.

If your node is working but the QUIC is misconfigired you can ignore it, as there is an issue where it can misreport that it is misconfigured and it also isnt used much except in rare circumstances from what I understand.

For QUIC also make sure that you allowed an UDP 28967 port in your firewall.

I use expressvpn, which allows certain apps to bypass the VPN.
I would like to know which apps I should exclude so that storj doesn’t go through the VPN tunnel.

windows process name is actually ‘storagenode.exe’
exclude that, re-start and you should be good to go.