Download failed: file does not exist

Hello guys! I’ve been a lurker for a while but haven’t posted anything. I have now the opportunity to thank you guys for the tips all over the forum.

Since the 30.12 update i have a ton of errors and the test uploads seems to be stopped at the moment. I am afraid that’s because of these errors

// I needed to screenshot the post because I wasn’t been able to post the errors

What do you think?


file does not exist is an error that shows your node lost the piece. You can check your dashboard and if your audit score goes below 60% then you get disqualified on that satellite.

How is your HDD connected ? Is it a Windows or Linux setup ?

Also this should have been a new thread.

If most of failed is GET_REPAIR, then it could be because you has lost or corrupted a pieceinfo.db database some time ago.
If you see those errors for every download request, then your pieces are really gone and this is concerning - you should check your dashboard or request a storagenode API for audit score: Script for Audits stat by satellites


and this is the last part of the log file

It’s Windows GUI with over 99% audit from all the satellites

Doesnt seem bad other then your repairs, seems its looking for files that you do not have, Not sure why it would be doing that though.

Can you perform integrity check on `pieceinfo.db’ ?

Copy the file to another location to be safe then run this command on it.

sqlite3 /path/to/storage/pieceinfo.db “PRAGMA integrity_check;”

I’m an n00b so i can’t :smiley:

I’ve read the help of sqlite3 but haven’t seen the integrity_check. I guess I didn’t got the proper one, right?

LE: I got an “OK”

c:\sqlite>sqlite3 g://pieceinfo.db “PRAGMA integrity_check;”