Download files and delete unaffordable account!

Download files and delete account, as I do not have the money to upgrade or the time to test storj development! 1. I do need my files and 2. I tried to download my files to my usb stick and got "need to upgrade, without any notice in my storj email account that I wouldn’t be able to recover my files after certain time allotted etc., etc., as in “no warning!”
I would really like to get my 3gb plus of legal files asap!

Thank you for allowing me to do so!

I am sorry to hear that you do not feel like the 3GB of files you want to download are worth spending a few cents. Perhaps they are really not that important to you?

I encourage you to verify what it would cost you even in the worst case for storing 3GB of your data for 1 whole month at $4 per TB plus downloading said 3 GB once at $7 per TB. Unless you uploaded a very large number of very small files, per segment fees should be neglegible.

Regarding the no warning, please read the ToS you agreed to by using the service.


Hello Heunland, and than you for your reply and questioning about my lack of needing those 3GB of files!
I’m 75 and disabled, and barely have money for food, utilities and I live in a camper van, and the cost to park said van, and the before mentioned, is MORE than I can afford, since as I stated, I only need to download said 3BGB of files, and go on about my way, without the per-MONTHLY cost! Which i know is really “cheap” for you, or most, but $4 X $12 = $48 per year!
WHICH is, at this time, needed more than any “continuing dept payment,” even as miniscule as you think, said payment seems to be!

My home, is jacked up right now, needing a right front break caliper and pads, so I can move it around go buy food and get propane or plugin to electricity! And if I don’t MOVE IT, than it will be TOWED, and IMPOUNDED!

Do you comprehend that, over miniscule DEBT?

NOW. . . I’d really, and truly would like to just download my 3GB, and leave ah all to your excellent storj, and that you live long and prosper!

Thank you!

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The price for storage is $0.004 per GB per month.


According to your own statements, you are not storing 1TB of data on Storj so therefore, your calculation is wrong. It will cost you approximately 7 cents to pay for having stored your 3 to 8 GB for the past month and to download it once back to your local storage, after which you can delete all your data from the Storj account and never pay again.

I invite you to examine your invoices from prior months to confirm what we actually are billing for usage, and you will discover that even without having the free tier coupon available to cover your usage charges, you would have been charged no more than 5 cents per month for storing the more than 7 to 8 GB of files you had previously stored on our platform. So if you were to continue that same usage for an entire year, in the worst case you would be paying $0.05 x 12 month = $0.60 for the entire year (not considering any egress fees.) And you could have even further lowered your per segment charges if you had optimized the segment size you used for the uploads.

Once again, I believe that paying this minuscule amount for storing your files on our platform would not create a hardship on anyone.

I am still sorry you feel the more than 2 years you got to store your files for free on our platform is not worth these few cents to get them back.

Furthermore, for anyone who is still in doubt, Storj Labs is not a charity - our team members do not work for free, and reenabling already frozen accounts would consume dev time as well as the time of our prod owners and support agents.


If I remember correctly, you won’t be charged untill the bill adds up to $1, is that still correct? So it sounds like @johdough could actually do this for free just by linking a payment method. And he’d have more than a year to actually download his stuff and close his account. (Though I’m unsure if the remaining balance will be charged upon closing the account. Either way, it’ll be a few cents.)

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  1. The minimum outstanding balance to generate a charge is 50 cents afaik, however, this could change in the future.
  2. Accounts that have any outstanding charges cannot be deleted until said charges have been fully paid.
  3. It seems to be in the user´s interest to just continue storing their important files on Storj where they can rest assured that probability of getting hacked/private info getting leaked is minimal, unlike if they stored it anywhere else where everyone and their brother may be able to look at the contents of their files or use them for nefarious ends.