Download speed in China

guys, i got my develop invite email and start trying

but i got a real low download speed in China, it’s only a few KB /s
and upload is fast but i can see that it stop for about 2-3 mins every time after 64MB was uploaded
is that normal? because it’s really slow for me to upload and download.

Next week we are going to migrate the tardigrade satellites including asia-east to cockroach. We hope that will solve the problem. :slight_smile:

what is cockroach? for normal people?

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I laughed when I first saw that. It’s a DB framework.

no understand benefit yet but hope we will see it in speed.

Most important benefit is probably this.

CockroachDB offers a multi-region database that operates with single-region latency and ensures data is always available and an RPO of zero.

what you mean is to solve the low speed in China or solve the problem that stop for every 64MB uploaded?