Downtime / System Maintenance

I am running a couple of nodes on different hardware platforms. Just playing really using spare disk space
Node 1: - Synology NAS - 2TB (available) on existing array
Node 2: - TrueNAS Scale - 2TB (available) on existing pool

I need to do some maintenance on the TB Scale box for a few hours. Take it down, some reconfiguration (of the NAS), add some memory - that sort of thing.

Is there anything I need to do / should do to “arrange” the downtime - or do I just go ahead and do it?

Second question - what are the limits on downtime (assuming no data loss) before the node gets disqualified?

Hi @aardvarkl

Answering to the best of my knowledge…

No. Prepare for the maintenance and complete it as quickly as possible.

Your node can be offline for up to 12 days in a 30 day time window. If the online score drops below 60 then at that point your node will go into suspension and you have 30 days to increase the offline score. It’s worth noting that if your node is offline for anything over 4 hours then it can lose data as network repairs start to kick in.

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OK - those numbers aren’t a major problem - thanks

If I was still working (instead of retired) I would allocate a 4 hour window to the maintenance and expect it done in an hour or so

I had a node offline for about 2 days, which resulted in the following numbers:

  • Suspension: 100 %
  • Audit: 100 %
  • Online: 92.22 %

Well I did my work and it looks like the system didn’t even notice