DQ emails from 2 of 5 sat's?

I’m getting DQ emails from stefan and eu north… Its a bit odd, nodes don’t show anyting abnormal in logs?

Please, search for GET_AUDIT and failed in the same line.

Yes I know how to check for DQ’able errors.

I was DQ’d on multiple nodes on various physical hardware (not on same physical machine).

I think this may be related to the most recent update?

I had just installed watchtower yesterday on these machines and then the DQ’s started happening?

For one of the nodes, this is the piece ID, is that what i should be searching my filesystem for?


Please, double check your path in the docker run command and in the

docker inspect storagenode -f '{{.Mounts}}'

And make sure that disk is actually mounted

df -H

I’m still investigating. It seems my nodes have updated a second time in under 24 hours via watchtower?

Still trying to figure it out.

It’s not due to filesystem, it’s internal zfs storage, and I fixed the mistake where I was using the root file system (I put everything in a /data directory instead)

It is not a big deal all are small nodes, i’m just perplexed as to what happened.