DUO for securing windows servers

HI to all I want to point out that I’m not payed or affiliated in any way to this company.

So long story short I personally use RDP for managing my nodes because I use Windows Server and I have Win10Pro.

In January I got attacked and one of my main servers got compromised 2 months after that one of my servers in DC got compromised. After that I found about Duo Security(https://duo.com/)
It is a 2FA for Windows RDP or even local sessions. What it simply is after you connect via your username and password you get a ping on your mobile app where you just accept the connection if it is you.

Great thing saved me also quite a few times in the past few months. BTW it is free for 10users so most of you should be covered. Also if someone is trying to access your system it will let you know. Also it will tell you their county of origin and IP

So for those in the community that are like me i urge you to use some sort of 2FA so you wont get burnt like me

Hope this is helpfull

Its probably a better idea not to make RDP public at all though. I just use a VPN to directly connect to my network so I dont point my RDP to the public.