Duplicati alternative for backups on ARM

The storj integration on duplicati dosen’t work on ARM platform and there isn’t any news about possibile support from more than a year so I’m going to ask if anyone know a good alternative to backup my raspberry home server on storj?

@TopperDEL could you please provide a progress update on fixing the issue with arm?

@bota87 meanwhile you might want to try using Restic and/or Rclone.


You can still use duplicati over gateway-mt.

The gateway-mt emulate S3 right? So the idea is to configure duplicati like it connect to S3?
For having client side encryption what is better? Setup a self hosted gateway or enable encryption on duplicati?
The recommended options are the same?

The GatewayMT and GatewayST both provides S3-compatible API, so you can use them as an S3-compatible backend in Duplicati. Don’t forget to specify Endpoint.

If you want to use a client-side encryption, then it’s better to run a Self-hosted S3 Gateway (GatewayST) than Storj-hosted S3 Gateway (GatewayMT), the last one uses Server-side encryption and then it’s better to use an integrated to Duplicati encryption to make it more secure.

In both cases you can use the same recommended parameters, but in case of GatewayMT you may not change the asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit parameter, because number of connections is much lower than with a native integration or usage of GatewayST.

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Unfortunately that is not completely under my control. I need Go to be able to fully support ARM and that is not the case, yet.

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