Duplicati on Ubuntu

Ok - every time i start Duplicati GUI (web) after some Days for the first time i realise that my backups are not running in the meantime. But my duplicati.service (systemd) is always on also after a reboot.
So - just after starting this duplicati app i can see the last time duplicaty made a backup and it runs a new one.

I asumed duplicati runs in background when the service is startet. sorry my english.

You could run duplicati in docker on ubuntu. That definitely works for me.

Same here using debian.

    restart: unless-stopped
      - 8200:8200
    image: linuxserver/duplicati:development
      - /mnt/ssd/duplicati:/config
      - /mnt/ssd/syncthing:/backup
      - PUID="990" #Running as user duplicati
      - PGID="988" #Running as group duplicati
      - TZ=Europe/Berlin