Duplicati settings Tardigrade?


did somebody bring duplicati to work with tardigarde. My S3 gateway is running fine. With S3 browser and aws cli I have access to tardigrade. So i thought it shall run also with duplicati. But I bring it not to work.

Have somebody a config screenshoot for running duplicati config?

I don’t have it set up myself, but after running into issues making it work with Synology software I came across the reason and also a workaround someone mentioned for duplicati which unfortunately doesn’t work for Synology. The reason is that Amazon uses DNS to resolve the location if buckets. This is not how it works with the gateway. You can disable this in duplicati by adding the option s3-ext-forcepathstyle=true

Now if only I could find a fix for Synology cloud sync to work around this as well… I hope it will help you at least.

Edit: if this doesn’t work or you need more info, googling for tardigrade might not yield many results, but you’re essentially connecting to minio. Googling for fixes to make things work with minio could also help you out with tardigrade.

@BrightSilence I have to revert my post before. It works very sluggy. I got a lot of time outs from duplicati.

Did somebody from the Storj team succesfull test Tardigrde with Duplicati?

It would be a nice feature if Homeuser can use Tardigrade to backup via Duplicati