During the screening process, down time high

I think the screening is over, but a downtime warning appears. There was a person who asked the same question in the same situation, and I wonder if there is a penalty for this part


I don’t know what kind of test it is, but I’ll also upload a screenshot of the test with the PowerShell. I don’t know what it means…


To fully recover the online score your node should be online for 30 days after a downtime. Each downtime requires additional 30 days online to recover.


Then, should I understand that the audit period has increased? (I understand that the speed of data inflow is decreasing during the audit period)
Thank you for always responding.

There is no thing like “audit period”, the online score is calculated for the 30 days windows, as explained in the article.
Audit score - is a separate metric, it’s accounted for passed/failed audits with a more complex formula, see


It’s not. If the online score is below 60% (0.6), the node will be suspended - no ingress anymore until the online score would be greater or equal 60%

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I got it wrong. My knowledge went up :slight_smile:

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