Early Graceful Exit

Allow for graceful prior to the 15 mouth (currently 6 months) requirement.

My first storage node was more a proof of concept. It is unprofitable and I would like to reclaim the hardware. I have started a graceful exit on all satellites with the exception of Europe-north-1, which has not existed long enough to be eligible. I have already made the decision to decommission this node and the current held amount for that satellite is insufficient motivation to keep it around. Given that the cost of repair is much higher than the held amount, it seems in everyone’s best interest to incentivize, or even just allow, exiting prematurely. I am sure that some people, myself included, would proceed with a unpaid exit but participation could be increased by paying out a proportion of the held amount. As it stands today, once the GE ends for the other satellites, my node will be powered off and what was held for Europe-north-1 will need to be repaired.

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will you make a new node? or you want to exit at all?

I have other nodes that I will continue to run. Am I missing something about the interaction of nodes running on the same /24 that would make that relevant to this feature request?

You could also move your existing node to other hardware. Just copy the data and the identity and run it on the new hardware.

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Understood. My other nodes are already established and the GE has already started on the node in question.