Earn storj thru the servey

i´ve just received a survey and took part of it
In the end i should provide a adress which supports zksync but i havent created my zksync wallet yet.

i´m still receiving the 25usd on eth mainnet?


No, this promotion is only valid through zkSync with an existing storage node wallet address already on the network. If you want to receive the survey thank you bonus, you’ll need to supply a wallet address that (1) has been on the network before and (2) has zkSync activated (though doesn’t need to have received zkSync before).

Thank you for completing the survey! It’s very helpful!

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is it enough if i enable zksync on one of my nodes in order to receive the bonus?

“The first 50 completed surveys will get $25 in STORJ tokens”

As long as:

  1. the network knows about your wallet address for any reason
  2. you are okay with STORJ being sent over zkSync to that wallet address.
    you’re good! You don’t need to enable zkSync on a node specifically.


Though I feel like I should add that having to rank my reasons made it look like I don’t care about web3 and decentralization or being environmentally friendly. I think all listed reasons are important to me. That may not be entirely clear from the results. I would rather have weighed them individually. It would better represent my opinion.

It’s just that I got into it for the money and the technological challenge. I stuck around for the love of the project and decentralization + environmental reasons.


i started a node mid december, so i’ve never actually received a payout yet. I went and connected my wallet to zksync but the gas fees to deposit some tokens to “activate” the zksync l2 rollup account was too much so I didn’t do that.

But I don’t think I’ll be able to get the payout, since I’ve never actually been paid for my node yet, right? Or will the results of the survey be tabulated in January after the first payout?

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It will likely be January! You’ve got time :slight_smile:

This is a good point! We’ll be thinking about this with the results.


First 50 will receive $25 in storj!

Eh, still a chance



totally agree here. I think I would have liked to see some or most of those questions split into two parts. What were your reasons when you started, and what are they now:
I started to see if I could earn some crypto and for the technology challenge of setting up a node…now I’m in it for the same reasons you’ve stated…for the love of the project, decentralization, and environmental reasons.

Same goes with the hardware questions:
I didn’t purchase any new hardware for the very first node I started…just used a spare raspberry pi 4 and a spare 4TB usb, external hard drive. Although, over the past couple of years, I have purchased more hardware for more nodes, etc.

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Yep, exactly the same for me. Though my purchases for Store were limited to HDDs and all paid with earnings. So I responded that I didn’t buy the hardware for Storj specifically. It seemed closer to true than the alternative.

I would have completed the survey even if I was told up front that I need zkSync, but finding that out at the end of the survey felt a bit bad.

Anyway, I run my node in a VM on my own hardware. Does that count as “in a virtual environment” or whatever the hardware is? That question is a bit confusing, maybe “virtual environment” means something like AWS?


I skipped it as soon as I saw 50 first. It was too late for me.


@storjlings, I filled the survey, but in some questions there were no answers that would fit my case, and no way to indicate that this was so, so I basically picked one answer at random. Sorry! Next time please add some kind of a text field for random comments.