Earning from node

I have this system :
10 TB Bandwidth / month
4 TB Space

How much i will earn monthly from running node on this device ?

You can estimate to earn $2.50-$4 per TB used per month.
So estimate maximum at current network usage in your case would be $16 per month.
In reality it will be lower, one of my full nodes with 4 TB earned only around $8.50 last month.

it may take a year or more to fill 4 TB

What do you mean ?
Storj will pay $2 - $4 per TB
If i have 4 TB i will earn $16

You say it may take a year to fill 4 TB
It means that i should wait one year to earn $16 ? :hushed:

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Your earnings get calculated on a monthly basis, based on the storage that has been used on your node.
When your node is full, you earn for full utilization. If this takes a year, then it is after a year you will earn the full amount.

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You are not getting paid for TBs offered, but for TBs used

For example one of my node rised only 100 GB in 30 days.Calculating with that average it takes 40 months to fill up 4 TB

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Being an SNO (Storage Node Operator) is kind of a long term commitment. It takes time before a node starts making a bit of money on the side.

You might want to copy the following Google sheet to your account and fill in your numbers to have an idea on what to expect:

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