Earnings calculator WARNING message

I just passed the new version of Earnings calculator (v9.3.0) and it has given me the following message.

I see it gives WARNING message. The last log is:

I don’t see anything strange and I don’t know why it could be. Does anyone have the same message or can you help me?
Thank you

looks like it says you are suspended on certain satellites, you should have gotten an email if so…
and else you might be able to verify it in the dashboard if you check each satellite individually…

not sure if it says so in the online status on the frontpage of the webdash but it might… never been suspended so… not really well informed here…

pretty sure bright made this script he will most likely know whats going on with it.

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On the dashboard it is apparently correct and shows no suspension. I have also not received any email. It is also “online” and continuously receives information.

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thats good most likely some changes in the new version of the storagenode software and the script reads the logs wrong… bright will take a look at it i’m sure…

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Hey @janbs47!

Let me start with the good news. I’m certain your node is fine. If it actually was suspended, it would show up like this.

    Status: Suspended @ 2020-06-30 21:54:01 >> Audit[0.0% DQ|160.8% Susp]

250% on this indicator would be exactly a score of 0, which likely means this score is not updated yet on your node. So let me ask a few check questions. Is your node running at least v1.6.3? (It probably is, I would expect an error otherwise)
If it is, are you running the script on a copy of the db’s? In that case you have to stop the node before making the copy. Otherwise it’s working on old data. It would be missing the data in the db-wal files, which contain all new data since the last reboot.

The last option is that your node is running v1.6.3+, but it hasn’t been running that version long enough for the satellite to report back this new score.


Thanks for your nice reply.
My node is running version 1.6.4. It was updated 2 days ago. However, I am running the script in a copy of the database. I’m going to try stopping the node and running it again.
Thank you very much for your reply.

@BrightSilence and @SGC thanks for the solution.
The problem was copying the files.
I have stopped the node and copied the files afterwards. Now the results are displayed correctly and everything seems fine.

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Glad to see that helped! Let me know if you encounter anything else.