Earnings calculator with Pushbullet notifications


I made a simple tool for my own purposes in order to get regular (daily) notifications of nodes earnings on my mobile. I don’t pretend this tool to be well developed (I am not a developer and I am sure it doesn’t meet best practices, sorry in advance).
This post is only to share my own work in case it would help other SNO or it would inspire some you, developer guys :slight_smile:
This tool is based on Earnings Calculator developed by @BrightSilence.


The Readme file on the github page explains how to use it.
Basically, you just have to configue a config file for each of your node. Each time the script will run, it will use the Earnings Calculator script and send proper notifications using your Pushbullet account.
If you want to run it on a reguar basis, you’ll just have to create the appropriate cron rule. Very simple!


Gonna have a look at this later! Currently I’m manually typing the dashboard numbers into a spreadsheet every day lol.

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Currently, the script archives every estimation in a timestamped file.
I could add a feature to archive each estimation a single file. That would be interesting :blush:

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