Earnings not covering the cost

Anyone faces same issue ? Even hard disk cost.

It will Begin to pay off after 9 months, when it stops to collect Held Amount. I run a SNO on a Pi for a year now. It paid 120$ with 150$ Held Amount, so it’s paid already. Now it’s a passive income :wink:


Your node is simply too new. Earnings take a while to go up. Especially if you have quite a bit of space to share it will just get better and better. Even before the 9 months of held back amount are through you should see significant increases. But the first 3-6 months are quite low payout months.


May I know your hard disk capacity ? You mean that you would have $270 after 12 months ?

I´m using a 2TB 2.5" HDD.
Means that if I exited Storj with graceful exit now, I´d have 270$.
I spent 190€ on equipment…so I´d say I´m on the positive side. As my purpose is to leave it running, it will start to be all profit, with no “Held Amount” next month as it´s older than 9 months :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply.

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since the topic seems answered, i hope you don´t mind asking a little offtopic questions about Raspberry. I just installed one yesterday, not for storJ, but to learn some linux.
Can i ask?.. Is raspbian ok to run a node, or there are better distributions? What about the HDD usb conections problems? I´ve read the usb port could be a problem, since it overheats and goes offline from time to time. Have you experienced something like that?. I recon there is not a way to use a direct SATA in the PI.


Honestly, no, I had no such issues!
Noticed that USB connection on my Pi 3B+ “loses the race for pieces” a lot and has very low performance. It is average to run an SNO, but nothing compared with my Synologies 412+ or even my HP Microservers N54L,…but yes, it will run.
I´m running a Pi 3B+ with a Storage Board Expansion and a 2TB 3.5" HDD for over 10 months now…and it´s running fine, paid for already.

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good to know. Thanks
what are the benefits of that Storage Board Expansion? You´re still going through USB port.


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No benefits, so to speak, except for the visual effect, it’s neater :slight_smile:

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Using a USB sata adaptor my node (rpi 3 b+ ) runs fine with a HDD some say it could be faster if no USB adaptor and also an SSD but with the hardware i have a simple be storage node is going great