Earnings.py shows -not paid- in some column

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Any one know what is mean -not paid- ? Thanks a lot.

April 2020 (Version: 9.1.1)
Upload Ingress -not paid- 928.19 GB
Upload Repair Ingress -not paid- 863.23 MB
Download Egress 20 USD / TB 54.82 GB 1.10 USD
Download Repair Egress 10 USD / TB 0.00 B 0.00 USD
Download Audit Egress 10 USD / TB 431.10 KB 0.00 USD
Disk Average Month Storage 1.50 USD / TBm 346.33 GBm 0.52 USD
Disk Usage Storage -not paid- 249.36 TBh
Total 346.33 GBm 983.88 GB 1.62 USD
Total Surge (160%) 2.59 USD

That’s all correct and how Storj pays SNOs:
You don’t get paid for bandwidth for uploaded data to your node you don’t get paid for Repair Uploads and you don’t get paid for current disk space but for average occupied disk space.

Like @jammerdan said, Storj pays for storage and egress traffic. Ingress traffic results in storage, so it would be a little weird to pay double.

The bottom line Disk Usage is a little different. It actually displays the same thing as Disk Average Month, but using a different unit. Since Storj has listed their payout rate as per TB per Month, I figured it would make more sense to include the payout info on that line. I kept the other line because the web dashboard still displays numbers in TBh, so you could more easily compare the two.

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