Earnings very low

I currently run a Node on a WIN 10 PC with 16GB RAM and a AMD Athlon 5150 APU with Radeon R3 1.60Ghz the node is 4.5TB i have an 100Mbits Dowlaod and 25Mbits upload speed 16.33 TB*h but only 71Gb bandwith used and only: Current Month earning: 0.33$ Total earned:0$ total held:0
plese help

Hi there,

If you are currently holding 71 GB of Storj data then your monthly earnings of $0.33 seems normal. It will take a long time to fill 4.5TB. For reference, I have one node running for 5 months that is now using 620GB and might earn $3 this month.

I have been running for a couple years and so far storing about 17 TiB - earning about $50/mo in tokens. It takes a very long time.

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You might look at the Earnings Estimator by BrightSilence to see how this will progress over time

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Also you can see storj success rate to see how far vetted you are

Well how many audits I’m pretty sure the earnings estimator script says vetting %

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