Editor for the profile picture on forum

Since the profile picture can’t be uploaded anymore, and must be chosed from a predefined set, I believe an Editor/Composer integrated in the forum would be acceptable and useful.
This can display a map of pixels, with a low resolution, like 10/10, or 20/20 or something, that you can individualy click and change color, from a standard 8bit palet. In this way, members can create unique profile pictures and can’t upload high-res images to impersonate Storj members or inappropriate pics.
The predefined pics have 360x360 res with 24bit color depth, and they are square.
Dosen’t make sense to edit a square pic, if it will be displayed as circle.
So, a circle would be more practical, and it can be split into sectors, like the HDD ( :wink:). You could have a central disk of a color, and 2-3 rows of 4 or 8 sectors, with a total of 25 zones.
Or you could offer users more options by spliting the disk in different shapes, not just sectors, even like a puzzle with intricate shapes.
If you like the ideea, vote for it with Hearts.

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And since a picture values a thousand words…

profile pic exemple

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We restricted usage of picture profiles to limit attempts to impersonate staff members.
So we actually do not have a lot of options, what we could allow. Either generated random, or from pre generated.

However, you may try to link your profile to the GitHub, it should take a picture from there.

We also may enable gravatars.