Effects of bandwidth limitation/QoS on node performance

I was thinking about setting up a node at the office. To avoid negative impact on our everyday workflow, I considered limiting the Node’s bandwidth, e.g. with the built in QoS that FritzBox routers offer.

The way I wanted to try is lowering the priority of node traffic (via IP, not port-based) vs. all other traffic going on in our network.

What problems will this cause node-wise? More cancelled uploads/“lost races”?

Will it go lower than recommended limits ?

It is a stable 100/35 connection.

I’m not talking about limiting it to a specific value, but instead just having less priority then other network traffic. My office usually does not up- or download huge files, so the internet line isn’t going the be saturated often (and also not for long periods…we are talking some seconds maybe…)

That’s a good connection but I want you to look at this point in SNTOS be run with sufficient Bandwidth without other applications consuming a percentage of the available Bandwidth so as not to create network congestion or any other form of Internet connectivity degradation.

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Well, one of my other nodes is on a similiar connection that serves 3 households with tons of devices that download updates, IP cameras, heavy work VPN usage and I don’t “feel” it has gotten slower since I’m running the node there. Node itself also works fine.

I could technically just try and limit that node’s priority for testing, but I had to start over with that node recently so it’s not fully vetted.

What would I look out for in logs when testing something like this?

It kind of sucks that atm logging is severely broken for upload success. Success rates is what I would normally look at in such situations.

I don’t know how extensive your QoS options are, but it would be best to give it a low priority but also a minimum available bandwidth at say 25/10, so the low priority wouldn’t push it below that.

unfortunately, that will not be possible