ElectroRat Crypto-Stealing trojan

Please beware of strangers offering software - a bulletin from security researchers this week:

MacOS, Windows and Linux are being Hit by ElectroRat Crypto-Stealing – Recently a security researcher discovered a new type of Remote Access Trojan (RAT) known as ElectroRAT. It is capable of targeting Linux, Mac, and Windows OS devices. The objective of this attack is primarily to steal cryptocurrency value. These attacks are likely due to the recent surge in bitcoin’s value that has seen the price almost quadruple since March of last year. The malware is written by the Golang gang and is being spread through social media channels and online forum platforms. The attackers lure cryptocurrency owners to download the applications which have been Trojanized by claiming the applications offer crypto-related services such as trading and wallet management. Once the victim has installed the application on their machine, the application will act as an infostealer to collect the private keys to access the victim’s cryptocurrency wallet. The malware is also capable of taking screenshots, and it can execute commands and upload and download files from the victim’s computer.