Email address for identity


When we create new identity we have to give email address. What is it for ?
identity authorize storagenode…
Is there a need to have same email address on identity and command line to start the node ?
If i lose access to my the email address i used to create identity, may i lose something with my node ?

It is used to connect your authorization token and specified email address.
It will make it more unique. In early days when we have had a gated onboarding it makes tokens useable only for you.
You also subscribe to receive newsletters, when register.

The email address in the storagenode is used to inform you about important information like suspension or disqualification, we also rarely use it to send you important changes which can affect your node or your payout.

I will change ISP soon.
The email address i used to create identity is like
I will not be able to use this address and someone else using this ISP could get my address after one year.
Is it a security problem for the nodes witch use identity created with this address ?

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You can set the email address in the run command for docker setups or in the config.yaml on windows. I don’t think the email address from the identity is used anymore after you change it there.