Email link broken

Not sure if it’s a problem with my setup, but when I click the “Visit the new site” link on the announcement email I got today, I get " There is no application set to open the URL x-webdoc://43F32D91-1343-4988-8920-2FFDA96D40A9/https//"

Safari 14.0.3 on macOS 11.2.3

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Cannot confirm. My email link directed to

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Hahahaha! Looks like you and I are in completely different worlds today :grin:

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Can confirm for me within the “Tardigrade is now Storj DCS” email:


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thanks everyone, reported!

(20 characters are a must)

New email link has now worked for me :smiley:

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thanks for confirming!

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@jocelyn I’d like to suggest posting new emails on the forum in the lounge before sending them out (just like it is done with the changelogs).
The reason is simple: in many emails there are either not working links, wrong links, wrong content, missing content or misleading/unclear content. I know this sounds bad and like a lot of criticism but I mean it in the best way possible. Just to check the current email: it had to be sent a second time because the paragraph about the new costs were missing and then it had to be sent a 3rd time because the links were broken.
Posting the email on the forum beforehand could have avoided all that. Many eyes spot mistakes faster and can provide a quick feedback that may be valuable to you.

I get it, mistakes happen in the best companies. Still, I think this could be an easy to be realized improvement.


thank you for this idea!