Email: node is offline (saltlake unstable?)

I had noticed over the weekend that saltlake had gone offline a few times. Today I received an email that said one of my nodes have gone offline.

All my nodes have been online and running just fine… Saltlake however…

Is it possible that instability on the (test) satellite end is causing emails to go out?

A stability issue with Saltlake was resolved around 14:30 UTC today and storage node checkins are on par with the other production satellites now. Up until the stability issue was resolved, the Saltlake satellite had about 10% more offline events than the others. Since being fixed, the rate appears to be back to normal. We believe this is what triggered the node offline email warnings.


Thanks for the update. Glad it got solved already. It’s only the test satellite so no big deal, but it’s a little hard to know what’s going on as it isn’t listed on the status page. This is partially why I’ve added satellites to my uptime robot dashboard.