Email - Your Node is Suspended

I received this mail today from

I don’t have any node europe-west-1 and my 6 nodes are all ok.

Looks fake !

Not sure. Might be real, they do use “” to manage their e-mail communications. The text I see on your screenshot is exactly the same I got when one of my node got suspended in the past (it was sent from “” though in my case).

Maybe your node did not update its dashboard yet, maybe because it cannot communicate properly with the satellite. Might be worth checking your logs and search for “ERROR”.

europe-west-1 is not your node, it’s the satellite which you’re suspended on. Your node id is the one in red at the top.

Sender in my case, just 2 days ago, was:

That’s why I would assume it’s fake - but you should compare the node ids, as mentioned.

Thanks for the answers.
I mistook node for satellite.
The e-mail must be from Storj.
What confused me was to indicate europe-west-1 Satellite that I checked and now corresponds to
All my satellites are still ok.
It may have been some missing piece, because I a few months ago replaces the HD because it had damaged sectors.

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I can confirm - this is fake. Thank you for letting us know!


I’m curious, did the node ID in the email match your node ID? If so I would find this troubling that they were able to match your email and node ID.