, a Web3 Email solution that will use Storj to store the data of the emails

Hello everyone,

I’m Daniel, head of product @email5

We are in a beta fase, our main features of Email 5 is the HTML5 format for emails, which allows for a more immersive experience.

We will use Storj to store and encrypt each message, adding a new layer of security through end-to-end encryption. Integrating Web3 technologies into email services, we can create a efficient communication system.

I’m here to being open to listen advices, share doubts or just to have a friendly talk about our vision our your vision.

In case you want to check the proyect with more detail:

Thank you,



For me it looks like very good concept, but html5, pictures, and lot of other stuff can contain viruses from the beginning, so you server should ensure security and check for viruses while sending email, before it reach blockchain and storage. That’s why most client dont download pictures and other staff by default, only if user allow and accept risks. If you add some security level to minimize that risks your mail system can get more trust.

Hello Vadim, well seen. To resolve part of that file we scan all files to make sure they are safe! Thanks for the interest and feedback.

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then you shod promote it that you scanning files, may be partner with some security lab.

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On your website it states

Take a bold step in addressing privacy and security concerns by storing all your messages fully decentralized on the blockchain.

If you plan to store these messages on the Storj network, they will not be stored on any blockchain. For technical details about how it works, please read our whitepaper.


Hey Heunland,

what do you exactly mean with “they will not be stored on any blockchain”?

We save any media file on Storj, we just store Web Token in plain text.

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Data on Storj is not stored on any blockchain. It’s stored on decentralized storage nodes.


We do not use any blockchain for data storage of any type. Please check out our How it works webpage to learn more.


Hey, thank you all.

We were using the word “blockchain” for the final user. Now, we have made some changes in the proyect that clarify better how it works.


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This is a sentence for bots and SEO apparently, because it hits all the cool keywords while conveying zero meaning. Maybe even negative. Because it means nothing and only raises eyebrows. Sigh…

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I don’t want to be a c*nt, but Kickstarter that is open for a few weeks only for people not to miss such a great investment. Over a year of development ahead and only 33k USD campaign, misinformation about storing data on a blockchain when in fact it won’t be stored there.
When Storj employee points to this fact you are acting surprised like you plan to use a platform you know nothing about and then you change the story.
End-to-end encryption and yet you will be scanning all the e-mails, and revolutionary e-mail that, at this time and age, is pretty much being used only to deal official business within and between corporations, between citizens and the state and to spread spam.
For everything else there is instant messaging and social networks.
Then there is questionable compatibility with regular e-mail as we have protocol size limits and strict policies who will accept what and from where. And don’t assume big players will play with you.
It looks very fishy to me and I have seen Kickstarter campaigns to revolutionise e-mail clients that was vaporware and a big theft.
But maybe I’m too old too see the future and I will be glad to be proven wrong.
I just hope Storj brand won’t be misused in some scam Kickstarter campaign.


The foundation of modern email is actually email deliverability. SPF, DMARC and DKIM are the current standards. The major players being Microsoft and Google. If you are outside the scope of Google and Microsoft then getting your email delivered to the people you send to can be non trivial. This is why deliverability companies like smtp2go have become very popular. It’s quite common for the major players to mark email sent from smaller environments outside their scope as suspect and flag it.

Hey Zip,

33k may sound little but is similar of what you could get from friends and family, we have decided to do a crowfunding to get resources.

Of course get 6, 7 figures will help the proyect much as happend with Gosth.

Thank you a lot for all the answers and feedback, please any more discussion is welcome, even my goal for this post and forum is to be in touch with Storj developers from an early stage so i can learn the much as possible.


thank you for your comment, we have changed it in the proyect.

“Take a bold step in addressing privacy and security concerns by storing all your messages fully decentralized.”

I hope this one is more convenient

Besides Storj, we also work with Solana and Filecoin. We invite you to check out the project! Blockchain term is valid for us, and I think we can gradually reveal any other questions.

Thanks for your interest.