Empty dashboard in browser, v 1.79.4

Since yesterday, I have the strange issue that the dashboard in the browser is empty. Although, the CLI-dashboard just functions fine. No errors in the log altogether.

Some pics of it:

Empty dashboard in browser:

Working CLI:

No errors in log:

Any ideas how to fix it, without all to much effort and risks? Or just wait till next update?

Looks like this problem: Web Dashboard = Offline - Local Dashboard = Online (with no fix mentioned).

try F5 in browser, time to time it get stacked,

What I did so far:

  • Restart the system twice
  • Restarted the browser
  • I even used an other device and browser brand.

But didn’t work out altogether.

Perhaps your node is restarting? Try to search for errors, which could lead to restart.
I would also recommend to check your databases

Nope, as you can see in the picture the node had been running for over 6h at the point I took the screenshot.

I don’t get any “database malformed” errors in the log. And usually the node doesn’t function then. And actually everything else is working.

So, this is actually current log:

Besides, the api and CLI dashboard are functioning fine. So, how would we suspect the database to be malformed?

As suggested by Awesome Alexey you should check your databases


I suspect its piece_expiration.db

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Please, search for “malformed” in your logs. I would prefer to have text logs instead of photo of the text, but, well… As pointed by @nerdatwork - you have at least one malformed database.
I would suggest to check all databases and fix corrupted ones, if you would like to have a working web dashboard of course.

I went through all databases, and they indeed turned out to be broken. Since my databases are in a snapshotted btrfs-drive, I recovered the last snapshot and it worked again like a charm.