Empty "Suspension & Audit" section and 0B Utilization/Egress/Ingress

Hi all,

I’m running Storj storage node (mainly for understanding things) for about 10 days uninterruptedly and I noticed that since 2 days ago
I’m getting 0B Utilization/Egress/Ingress and my “Suspension & Audit” section is empty. The logs don’t show anything unusual. I’ve tried to restart/recreate the docker container several times as well as the server, but nothing changed. Has anyone seen something similar?


I have the same issue. No changes, were made by me. Nothing restarted. When I logged in to check my node, everything was zero. Zero Bandwidth, Zero Total Earned. The Suspension and audit is missing. The Total disk space and usage looks correct.

It looks like an update happened. Is the database migration related?
0500",“N”:“db.migration”,“M”:“Database Version”,“version”:54}


Mine works but it takes a few for it to load in the data.

I have the same issue, everything was zero. I restart my container but nothing happened

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Yes, It takes a while, but about a few hours. I was keeping track of this node, the disk utilization was almost 100%. And suddenly this problem.

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Was it running for how long?

You shouldnt keep restarting it either. Just check your logs if its getting data the dashboard only grabs data from the apis

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i kept my storj container running about 4 month, this moring i check my node and surprise to see everything was zero

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The same thing happens to me, I have 6 nodes and 2 of them do not show information, they all have the same configuration. operating system and node version

Please check your databases:

Do you use UnRaid by the way?

The same issue after update to 1.72.2. DB check show it’s ok. Issue resolved by recreating container.

Same for me, on all nodes that updated to 1.72.2, the ones that did not it is ok

Sometimes the web dashboard does not load because there is high I/O. Nodes in theory work but are only accessible from CLI, this happens to me…
Among other things, trash is growing these days and this increases the I / O

now is back but only showing bandwith from today? rest of the month is 0?

This doesn’t show in my log.

Update. All the stats are back. I didn’t do anything. I followed @deathlessdd advice and left it alone. I’m so grateful to this community for the support.


Wow, thanks for warning, I’m still on v1.71.2 :slight_smile:

Here nothing changed :expressionless:

Please check your databases with provided instruction just to make sure.

Hi, I believe no one is having the “database disk image is malformed” problem… or are you referring to another thing?