Enable Web Dashboard


my node has been running for several months. When I set it up, the new web dashboard did not yet exist. Can I still somehow activate it now, without breaking anything?


what system do you use docker, or GUI?

Your node has been automatically upgraded, if not it has been deactivated as you are not allowed to run old code.
the web interface is on port 14002

It’s not available (This site can’t be reached). From what I understand, you have to use -p 14002 in the docker run command. That didn’t exist back then. I use docker.

what show command sudo docker ps ?

This is what I mean.

remove because of this you cant see dashboard any more
it work only on local

@baker described better below.

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Hi Xade,

In order to add the port to your run command you need to do the following.

Stop the running container:
docker stop -t 300 storagenode

Remove the container (this won’t harm your data):
docker rm storagenode

Start the container with the new run command which includes the added line for port 14002:
-p \
if you want to only view the dashboard from the machine the node is running on. If you want to view the dashboard from any machine within your local network use:
-p 14002:14002 \

Make sure you don’t expose port 14002 to the public internet on your firewall or you could be exposing potential security concerns.


Great, thanks everyone :slight_smile: