Encryption Error while accessing bucket

Hi … I have created bucket using uplink cli and uploaded data to it . When i am trying to access same bucket and list object in the bucket using go lang program . i am getting encryption error . i am using same encryption passphrase as used in uplink cli .

how can i resolve encryption error ?

Use the latest release tag for both. We have backwards incompatible changes on master.

Hi @littleskunk where can i find latest file for uplink cli and lib (go lang) ?


This page https://github.com/storj/storj/wiki/Uplink-CLI contains the uplink binaries of the last current release.

To use the sources of the same version use the repository tags. Currently the last release is 0.14.13, which in Github you can see it in https://github.com/storj/storj/tree/v0.14.13 and for your development you’ll have to checkout such tag or inform (if you’re using go modules) that you want to use such version.

If I download and unzip this, this shows me v0.14.4!

I haven’t checked, they should be the last one.
I’ll report that the links aren’t up to date.


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currently, these links point to v0.15.3 which I have confirmed is the latest version of Uplink-CLI

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@ifraixedes, @littleskunk, @heunland and @BlackDuck Thank you :smiley::smiley: